The Inland Empire strikes back! In an open-minded way, with indoor voices.

I am blogging from the conservative Inland Washington State’s largest metropolitan area, Spokane. Spokane, in my personal opinion, contains a number of cripplingly close-minded individuals – lots of climate-change deniers, many extremely religious people, many four-letter-word using troglodytes. And that’s all okay! But we can be a little bit open about it, can’t we? Why not? After all, it’s how we got to this point in the first place!

I used to post on Craigslist – Politics, but so many of those people did not like what I had to say,  they flagged me off a million times and then I got ghosted! Spokane Craigslist-Politics, I might point out, is the refuge of probably the wackiest of the wacky conservatives in our pluralistic society today. There are people posting there who are in dire need of certified psychological help. But but dipping a toe into that swamp is instructional, in its way, I guess. I recommend it, if you are curious about ultra-fringe conservative opinions around the inland Northwest.

Anyway, being ghosted, I learned, is where troublesome folk who attract too much negative attention are faked out by the Craigslist administrators. All your stuff looks real, you can go to it from your account, it is on your list and everything, but … it never appears on the actual Craigslist site. Super-sneaky, Craigslist guys! Don’t bother asking them about it: they are sworn to secrecy by Craig himself.

But I digress! I happen to believe in evidence. Show me some evidence and I am good to go. But that puts me on the outs with organized religion, for one, organized political movements, for two, and organized business activity, for three. These tottering edifices are built on sand. It is their PURPOSE and their GOAL to tell you only what you want to hear, in the least arguable way possible, and for the purveyors of the information to then scrape off as much money as they can before their particular corner of the edifice collapses into rubble.

Nice. We live in interesting times.

I apologize for the fact that comments are turned OFF in the blog – the level of spam was so high, and accumulated so fast, it was impossible to stop. If you REALLY REALLY want to tell me something – or, perhaps, suggest another avenue to bark down along our Spokaloo mean streets – I can be contacted through this address: franklinjones9511 at yahoo dot com. Totally fake address. When they spam it all up, I’ll ditch it and make up a new one. But maybe I’ll see your missive first. It is to hope.

And THANK YOU for checking out the blog. Hope you find something good.


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