Okay, so a lunatic batch of Republicans decided to write a letter to Iran telling them that no matter WHAT kind of peacenik agreements that black guy who happens to be the Prez made, they will be instantly negated the moment a Repub gets elected in 2016.

Right, you guys. Sigh… where does one begin in this festival of ignorance and narcissism?¬†Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, did point out the obvious by saying “I should bring one important point to the attention of the authors and that is, the world is not the United States (you ignorant toolbags).”¬†That one comment drew a stark line between his Rhodes Scholar to Tom Cotton’s self-involved kindergartner.

Then there’s the conceit of “when a Republican is elected in 2016.” This is not going to happen. Sure, there’s a lot of ignoramus voters in heavily-gerrymandered districts who keep voting against their own self-interest, keep believing Fox Fake News propaganda, and actually think ex-car-thief Daryl Issa is a pretty smart guy. But these people elect senators and representatives, not Presidents. And it is beginning to look that despite all the millions and millions of dollars poured into conservative PACs, it is a lot harder to buy votes than anybody thought, and the payoff just isn’t happening. No, there won’t be a Republican in the White House any time soon.

Then there’s the deeper wisdom of Republicans wanting another war. Of course they want another war! That’s where the money is! It is the perfect conduit to extract dough right out of American taxpaying wallets to finance actions that can be monetarily flow-charted into payouts to the massive military-industrial complex, which includes not only the manufacture of tools of war, but a huge infrastructure of Halliburton, Keller-Brown-Root, and other “military” contractors. You know, the same guys who helped poison the well in Iraq by shooting civilians and running people off the roads with their Humvees, not to mention charging US taxpayers a fortune to do the same stuff we were already paying for the US military to do. They were also the people who provided substandard body armor and inedible rations to our soldiers, amongst other lying, cheating and stealing. C’mon, did we already forget this?

Of course, if you are a blue-dog Democrat or a Republican, a portion of that filthy lucre migrates right back to you in the form of re-election funds, and we all know the life of an elected representative revolves around the acquisition of money, and not legislation.

Iran is not our enemy. They are an advanced and civilized people who happen to have been roped back into fundamentalism by the ill-considered interventions of the US itself. Iran was well on its way to becoming a nation of citizens committed to progress and stability when we decided we wanted the Shah installed and broke their system. Ever since, they’ve been struggling to find their feet again, but we keep sticking out dirty fingers into their pie. And now this. I pity the poor people of Iran: they have much to overcome.

Make no mistake. When American Congressmen make a decision that there HAS to be another war in a Middle-Eastern country, even as the revolting stench of Iraq still fills their nostrils, there is something else going on. And that something is MONEY. American as a Christian nation? Nawww… our religion is the dollar, and our dogma involves a whole lot of self-involved blindness induced by the collectively hallucinating Republican Congress.

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