Here’s something I find hard to understand. House Republicans have come out with a glittery new declaration: Repeal Obamacare! We hate it! It stinks! It’s outta here!

And what do they propose to solve the issue of health care after this heady salvo? NOTHING. That’s right, nothing. Zip, zero, nada. Oh, they toyed with the tort reform angle a while back, in the pre-Tea Party Lunatic era, which constitutes something like 3% of the problem. And, as usual, much pointless yakking about abortion occurred, despite it is legal, tightly regulated, and a paltry 1.3 million annually out of a national population of 312 million, not to mention the fact that THEY COULD HAVE GOTTEN RID OF IT ALTOGETHER when they had the House AND the Senate AND the President, all at the same time, during Bush’s first term. Of course, they didn’t; because it is such a convenient  issue to use to excite the masses, how could they even consider ditching it? So very tricksy, those conservatives, to tell you one thing, do another, and then blame somebody else.

ANYWAY, House Republicans stayed busy the rest of THIS term with important questions about baseball and state vegetables and similar vital topics, meanwhile declining to even discuss the number one issue relevant to the fiscal health of the nation – health care program alternatives! I mean, if you get rid of Obamacare, there are millions of people still uninsured, drug companies are left free to pry the gold fillings out of your teeth to finance your prescriptions,  the simplest medical tests will still cost 10 times what they do in every other country on Earth, and doctors will continue to desert general practice in droves to flock to lucrative medical fields such as cardiology and bunion surgery. If you are serious about ditching Obamacare, maybe there should be a backup plan! And, as I recall, the House representatives make pretty good money off of ME, and they are NOT doing the job I hired them for!

Why has so much blathery wind been generated on the fact that somebody finally tried to do something about the health care crisis in this country? Who cares whose idea it was? How about trying the plan out, and if it doesn’t work, repealing it then? Or try it out,   repeal the parts that don’t work, and try something else? If it is really over 1000 pages long, it must have gotten SOMETHING right. But carrying on about its awfulness while offering absolutely no alternative – that’s a cynical, political slug-a-bug game, counting on our collective civil disengagement and fear.

Thanks, House Republicans, for – nothing!

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