To be a Republican running for office these days, and not just a Republican-In-Name-Only, one must be:

A global warming denialist
Anti-gun control
Anti-safety net
Xenophobic (you’re scared of strangers)
Homophobic (you hate gays)
Anti-choice (you can’t stand women making their own reproductive decisions)
Anti-division of church and state (you think organized religion would do a swell job of running the country, kind of like the Catholics did in Spain during the Inquisition)
Anti-education (Let’s privatize all of it, kind of like we’re doing with prisons! It works so great!)
and, yes, racist.

All or nothing to be a true member of the cult. It also helps to be a Palin/Bundy style blitherer. It helps even more to be an off-the-wall conspiracy believer – birthers, “the gay agenda”, “the liberal agenda”, “Obama wants to take your guns”, “FEMA is building prison camps”, and so on. And it’s also mandatory to think that for-profit corporations will do a better job at governing than actual non-profit government, which is an interesting concept, and absolutely devoid of supportive evidence.

Please, Republicans, take an honest look at yourselves and see
what’s happened to your party. It has truly become an American tragedy.


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