I had a really good cop friend for a long time – he’s passed, but I do think of him often. He was my conservative foil. We used to fight so hard that people in the office would come and check on us to make sure everything was “all right”. One time I asked him what he would think if I could virtually cut in half the number of suspects he would have to engage to find a perpetrator. He said “No way!” I said “Easy – violent crime, 99 times out of 100 – MALE!”

It’s true. Especially regarding major massacres, like Newtown and Aurora. Virtually EVERY mass shooting in US history – of which many have been screened from you because they are “local”, which means they only get “local” reporting, and nobody from the mainstream picks up some news bit that has become so appallingly common it boggles the mind – has been perpetrated by a MIDDLE CLASS WHITE MAN. Of course, you could also say “Middle class white BOYS”, because there is a significant portion of these so-called men who have never become adults, mentally, at least. We shall call these people “White Boy-Men” because nothing else seems to fit.

I have had conversations with African-American people about how it is possible to maintain dignity and self-control in the face of the hostility, anger, superiority, bossiness, arrogance, belittlement, and pure hatred of certain white folks. They say – and I quote – “You cope.” Somehow they cope, while maintaining their own powerful sense of self.

In a world where cause and effect held sway, the people who would be perpetrating hideous mass killings would be BLACK PEOPLE, and BLACK WOMEN in particular. They have BY FAR the most reason! They are BY FAR the most kicked-around of all people! But – no. They cope. It’s MEN, especially WHITE men – who, despite their privileged position in society, seem to think the insults levied against their persons are sufficient to go kill off a bunch of innocents just to show how pissed they are about how they aren’t privileged ENOUGH.

How about the dude Cho, of Virginia Tech? Not a white person, but he DID have a dick. His behavior at Virginia Tech, prior to the shooting, was  ‘troubling’, to say the least. He had been harassing female students and taking pictures of their legs under desks. He’d  been accused of stalking female students  on THREE separate occasions. Supposedly he left a note that in part, raged against women.

How about John T. Miller? In 1992, John T. Miller, angry that his wages were being garnished by court order, claimed that “child support had ruined his life.”, “He went into a county office building in Schuyler County, NY, walked up to the child-support unit, and shot and killed four women whose jobs were to collect child-support.

And so it goes.Too many to recount.

Where do all these crazy people come from? I can tell you that – crazy parents. Often, crazy dads (Take a look HERE for an eye-opening account). But also, a crazy CULTURE. Boys don’t cry. Cowboy up. Army of one. Don’t let ’em see you sweat.

What are we doing? Boys that show compassion and empathy are labelled “gay”, which at this time in our history, actually should be considered a compliment as opposed to the asshole victimizers the regular “boys” are encouraged to become. Sensible young people who try to find middle ground are considered “weak”. But a guy like John Bolton – class-A stapler-throwing, temper-tantruming, insult-factory boy-man-boss from the Outer Limits – was an ADVISOR for a presidential contender in the 2012 election! What fresh hell is this?

I for one am SICK TO DEATH of this ridiculous double standard of our culture, where these whack-job white-guy borderers are not only perpetrating murders left and right, but being elevated in politics, business, and culture. And don’t get me started on the “Equal Rights for White Males” movement. Oh please. Give me a BREAK. Like, you guys haven’t HAD all the benefits up to now? Poor babies!

And until we come to SOME KIND of detente with what America has REALLY become – a teat for a significant part of the population to become whiny, self-centered, entitlement-minded boy-men – all the weapons-banning in the world will help us only a little.

And, to all those men who are wise, balanced, thoughtful, sensitive, and kind – I regard you with awe and affection. To resist the tide of boy-man-ism is indeed a difficult task. You have succeeded where many have failed, and have become true human beings.

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