Ironic, isn’t it? So many billions of dollars spent, so much travel engaged in by the principles and their hearty entourages of hundreds of people, so many towns closed down by the bodyguards of these two guys, so much money spent to lie, obfuscate, prevent you from voting, enable you to vote, applaud your vote, discount your vote, etc. etc. etc.

And the irony is that IT WON’T CHANGE A THING. Romney will maybe hang some new curtains in the White House, add a stable for his really expensive horse, and proceed to completely kiss the asses of whatever corporations drop their pants. Obama will keep on not getting things done, claim it is Congress, be empathic and kind and identify with real people, and proceed to completely kiss the asses of whatever corporations drop their pants.

It isn’t the political parties that let this go on. It’s US. WE have the power and WE have the ability to actually effect true and lasting change, and WE are not picking up the ball! Occupy tried, but unfortunately, good intentions do not make a movement cogent or meaningful. Nor do egos and dogma, and there are plenty of both in even the populist Occupy brand.

Why do we let corporations make the laws for the rest of us to live under? Why can a coal company rip the top off a whole mountain and fill Appalachian creeks with filth when I can’t even burn my wood stove during an air alert? Why can fracking companies pump chemicals into the earth, follow them up with millions of gallons of fresh water, and then blow the whole thing up, when I can’t even throw a Popsicle stick out the window of my car without earning a littering infraction?  Short answer: BECAUSE CORPORATIONS MAKE THE LAWS! And the laws invariably favor whatever it is that they want to do, no matter how immoral, wrong, and harmful it is for actual people. It takes a lot of money to buy Congress and the Supreme Court and the Presidency, you know, but they’ve done it. In fact, it has been statistically demonstrated that, compared to other types of corporate investment, buying judges and politicians pays off in spades!

Okay, so the big money makes the rules. It’s easy to see their fingerprints on legislation, because corporate -originated laws almost invariably harm citizens and enhance the profits of some big company. Question: WHY DO WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT?

Well… could it be that there’s been a lot of money put into militarizing our police forces so there can be a much more thorough “rule by law”? Could it be that money is poured into polarizing voters through side issues like abortion, guns, race, and religion? Because guaranteed, if your well starts producing water that you can light on fire as it exits the tap, it DOESN’T MATTER what you think of that other stuff. Could it be that going to jail is a very real possibility, seeing that over 2 MILLION Americans are already incarcerated, combined with the fact that if buying a politician is easy, it is probably even easier to buy a besieged local official to trump up some jail-worthy cause or other in order to get some troublemaker out of the picture? And at the least, the militarized police can be used to intimidate and frighten good people into doing nothing, even when egregious deeds are being done in the name of corporate profits.

WHY do the citizens of this country shamelessly continue to allow “laws” to be passed that do NOT enhance our lives, and actively HARM our lives? We need to stop fighting one battle at a time – shutting down the Walmart they want to put in our neighborhood, or letting Burlington Northern plant fuel depots in leaky containers right on top of the drinking water for a whole region. How about if we place a law on the books that says “FIRST, DO NO HARM”, and let all these industries convince us ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS that their requests are in everyone’s best interests? I would like the opportunity to be convinced that moving jobs to China helps anybody in America. I haven’t heard a reasonable excuse yet for not throwing every one of those Wall Street bastards into jail for screwing the rest of the country with their financial gimmickry. I would like somebody to TRY to convince me that “corporations are people” while they’re at it, because that is the biggest load of special-interest hooey that ever darkened the American legal landscape.

If “We the people” are in charge here, LET’S SHOW IT. No need for violence or anarchy, just determination and dogged pursuit of justice. Laws will have to be broken. But laws had to be broken in pursuit of civil rights, and laws had to be broken in pursuit of the vote for women. And every American should consider it a patriotic duty to break an unjust law, and support those who choose to throw themselves on the wire for the rest of us and break an unjust law. Guaranteed, there’s laws written somewhere, in some legislative book or another, that permit Tyson Meats to build a 100,000 hog farm right next door to your house, pollute your water source, stench you out night and day, spray pig shit all over the landscape and maintain giant ponds of sewage within yards of family farms that have been responsible stewards of the land for generations. They’ve done it! They are still doing it! But we are supposed to sit down and shut up about it, because the LAW says they can! And who wrote the law? THEY DID!

Right. Let’s get over the petty crap of who wins what, and start thinking about the bigger picture. I don’t want to live in the place that corporations are creating, and I would wager, neither do you.


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