Romney addresses coal miners at Beallsville, Ohio

Oh! Oh! A new height has been scaled in the annals of conservatism! Here is Mitt Romney speaking to coal miners at an August rally in Beallsville, Ohio. The CEO of this coal company is Robert Murray – yes, that same Robert Murray whose coal facilities have an abysmal safety record, the one who oversaw the 2007 Crandall Canyon Mine, Utah disaster, in which 9 men died.

So, it kinda looks like the coal miners all love Romney, right?

That would be a negatory.

Robert Murray made attendance at this rally MANDATORY. And then, when the workers showed up at the rally because it was MANDATORY, they were DOCKED A DAY’S PAY. Then, the coal company allegedly told employees to donate to Republican politicians including Mitt Romney. And THEN Mr. Murray allegedly threatened employees with reprisals, including the loss of their jobs, to MAKE them contribute to the company‚Äôs PAC.


And this is Republican America, where we now have the privilege of remaining serfs for life.

Unions are a creation of management. And more often than not, they are JUSTIFIED because of ridiculously transparent power plays like this one.

It makes me sick.



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