Well, the election season is upon us. Everybody (well, some people, anyway) has an eye on the polls, and the candidates are in the middle of saying really stupid things they can never back up with fact, and expecting us fine citizens, most of whom have been pretty well softened up in the cranial area by TV and religion, to swallow whopper after whopper like pita chips at a Superbowl game.

Romney… Well, what can you say about a basically decent guy – though he has tunnel vision and only sees certain things that absolutely must conform to his world view, or else they are invisible to him – who goes on this weird defensive, saying things he would never be able to say to Obama’s face?

And how about Obama, the word wizard who gave a kind of depressing campaign-acceptance speech? If I read the body language right, here we have a guy who really doesn’t give a flying crap about whether he’s President again or not. I certainly can’t blame him, because Washington DC has become a poxy place, and not one to try and elucidate one’s ideals. If I were him and had to look at John Boehner’s simpering spaniel mug even one more time, I would be tempted myself to commit ritual seppuku.

Ah… but however, here we are. Romney says (all of a sudden) that it’s all about JOBS and he’s better at the JOBS thing than he other guy. However, if Republican policies are so fricking great, why isn’t everybody already employed in a great job accompanied by a big-ass labor shortage in the USA? They have certainly had enough time to employ their magical fixes, but for whatever reason, are holding back. All through Bush II they held back, and with nary a peep about the deficit, despite the fact that Bushie-poo ran it up to monster heights that had never been seen before, even while leaving TWO foreign wars completely out of the budget.

Okay, then Obama. As I recall, the nation was teetering on the brink of a crash so big and so brutal, it would take decades to crawl out of the hole. Sure, he said a lot of crap, but what I HEARD him say was he was going to stop us from going over the edge. And, somehow, he did. Did he employ some slick tricks to postpone the inevitable? Probably. Did he do some things that crazy conservatives hate with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns? Sure did. But in essence, he bought us some time, and THAT’S the promise that I heard back in 2008.

And here’s proof he was right – WE ARE STILL HERE! Thanks, Obama, and NO thanks to the idiots of the House of Representatives, who seem to think just about anything is more important than jobs for Americans. You know, if the Tea Party Representatives are so het up about returning to the 18th century, maybe the nation should present them with an island somewhere, so they can engage their imaginations, live off the land, have total freedom (within, of course, their personal Tea Party boss-of-you authoritarian limits), and then come back when their fabulous new society is self-sustaining and functioning flawlessly.

I look forward to that day.

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